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Unlock value with the right data compliance measures

GDPR and the upcoming revision of the FDPA have raised the stakes in the field of data protection. If you haven't tackled all your data protection challenges yet, make sure you unlock value and decide which message you want to get across to your customers:

Simply compliant

Privacy first

Data as a business asset

For you, data compliance is a basic necessity & rather a burden.

Let's make sure you get the fast and efficient help you need to resolve data compliance challenges and concentrate on your core business.

Your clients care a lot about what happens to their data.

Let's show them, that unlike with others, their data is safe with you and not used for anything else than vital core business transactions.

Data is key and clients benefit from improvements & personalisation.

Let's ensure, that you can collect and optimize all the data you need to enhance and personalise your products and offerings.

Our data compliance bundles

Data compliance tailored to your needs

CHF 1'950

Startup / SME Package

You want a solid data privacy foundation for your startup or small/medium sized business?

Let us guide you through the latest regulations and help you get all needed documents in place - aligned with the latest EU & Swiss regulations and tailored to your company needs. This package includes:

Tailored website / app / platform privacy policy

Tailored cookie policy and pop-up recommendations

Website terms and conditions

Record of processing activities

Website imprint

Comprehensive data privacy FAQ

Privacy & Cookie Policy

You want to simply set-up or update your data privacy and cookie policy?

Let us take care in aligning it with the latest EU & Swiss regulations and tailored it to your company specifics.

This offer includes:

Tailored website / app / platform privacy policy

Tailored cookie policy and pop-up recommendations

CHF 500

from CHF 5'000

Advanced Package

Data is a core asset of your business. Your processes, documentation and employees are largely affected by EU and Swiss Data Protection regulations.

Let us help you identify gaps, put together a roadmap for compliance and implement measures across your organisation.

This package is highly individualised depending on your specific setup. Typically it includes the following parts:

In-depth data mapping and gap analysis

Data protection impact assessments

Implementation plan and execution

Employee training

Ongoing monitoring

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Update your privacy & cookie policy

Build your compliance foundation

Tailored compliance program for multinational corporations


Real practice examples for better insights

GDPR roll-out across 23 countries (EU, CH, Russia)

  • US Software company with EMEA subsidiaries (2’5k employees globally; 1’3k in EMEA)
  • Highly regulated clients
  • Data as a core business asset
  • 18 month project incl. planning, analysis, implementation & audit

Key insights


  • Clear definition of strategic compliance goals and gradual / step-by-step implementation instead of doing it all at once
  • All employees are in touch with personal data & a culture of respect for privacy is key
  • Testing new processes and documents with a few offices, then rolling out across the entire region
  • Achieved strategic compliance by 25 May 2018 – final clean-up until 31 Dec 2018
  • Successful audits by various insurance companies
  • Continuous support on privacy questions
  • 100’000+ employees globally
  • Marketing, CRM, HR as focus areas
  • No sensitive data
  • 1 full-day training, revision of policies and documents

Basic advice and training for local sales company

  • Improved compliance significantly by changing the standard leasing contract templates
  • Training must be hands-on training with focus on actual day-to-day processes


  • With straight-forward data processing, a lot can be achieved in a short time (standardization)
  • Training of key personnel (CRM, HR) and internal roles to ensure ongoing compliance

Key insights

  • Contractual negotiation of fully compliant audit rights
  • Detailed assessment of regulatory compliance
  • Preparation of customer information


  • Experienced outsourcing provider with know-how and IT standards in place to ensure compliance
  • Due diligence on service provider and contractual safeguards are key
  • 10’000+ employees globally
  • Private banking in Switzerlandaudit
  • Highly regulated
  • Outsourcing of CID
  • Project specific advice, outsourcing as critical activity

Key insights

Outsourcing of core banking solution for Swiss subsidiary

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Our data compliance experts

Christian Meisser

Anna Maria Tonikidou

Christian has lead multiple large-scale data compliance programs for multinational corporations across various jurisdictions.

He develops data compliance blueprints and efficient processes for our clients and LEXR products.

Anna Maria has successfully planned for and executed various projects in the data compliance field.

She has worked with multiple startups on their data protection and accompanied larger business through their data privacy compliance journeys.

Kurt has a long history with working across borders with companies from the EU, Switzerland and the US.

For data compliance, he has been working on projects that intersect the above mentioned countries.

Kurt Krautheim

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