We explain the key terms and how they impact your company, help determine the right set-up structure, and work with you to negotiate a fair deal – for a one-off flat-fee.

Convertible Loan Set-up

With a convertible loan, an investor lends a certain amount of money to your startup with the right to convert the loan into shares usually for a discount at the next financing round.

Convertible loans are now widely used internationally and allow for a 'continuous fundraising' model. They’re a great way to raise money quickly without having to line up all investors at once and negotiate all terms of a financing round.

What it is

How long it takes

With our help, you can set up your convertible loan within one business day.

CHF 1'500 Flat Fee (excl. VAT)


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Pre-Seed or Seed

Convertible loan package

  • You want to postpone the valuation discussion as you believe you can get a much better valuation later.
  • Your startup does not have the time to find investors and negotiate a full financing round.
  • You only wish to raise a small amount right now.

The main reasons to opt for a convertible loan are:

Who it is for

LEXR provides you with advice on how to structure the convertible loan. We’re also here to answer all your legal questions on the topic and to provide you with a time-tested best practice convertible loan agreement tailored to your company. Up to three hours of negotiation support are included in this package.

What you will get

Best-in-class standard, efficient processes, personal support

How we work

We've created a high-quality standard for legal templates to ensure best-in-class outputs for our customers. Combined with tailored personal support by our experts, we deliver legal services that make a difference.

- Christian Meisser

CEO & Legal Counsel at LEXR

Best-in-class standard

For our best-in-class standard templates, we take existing documents from at least five different sources and create a derived version with modular options.

The draft standard is then reviewed by 5+ legal professionals and first tested with beta clients.

After launch, the standard is continuously improved and adjusted to changes in the law.

Efficient processes

Personal, tailored support

To help you solve legal challenges fast, we leverage technology and optimise processes. In addition, we create supporting material in the form of guides and FAQs so that you have all the information you need, all in one place.

While we believe in the power of technology and high-quality document standards, we also understand the importance of dedicated personal contact and tailored support for your business.

Five comprehensive steps to complete your convertible loan funding

Convertible loan process

Loan calculator

Key terms

With our loan calculator, you can easily run through different funding and conversion scenarios of your company. We'll explain & help as needed.

It's essential to understand the key terms for a convertible loan. Our supporting materials will give you a full overview of what to pay attention to.

Together we'll craft and go through your convertible loan strategy, define your specific key terms and the remaining steps to complete financing.


We've included negotiation support of up to three hours in our convertible loan package to help you get the best possible deal for your loan.


With all the terms negotiated and documents created, we'll collect the required signatures, clarify remaining questions and close the project.


Success stories

"With LEXR we found an ideal partner to deal with the complex legal framework our company is operating in. LEXR provides fast, flexible and price transparent services for a wide spectrum of cases. A great opportunity, especially for FinTech Start-ups!"

"We hired LEXR while looking for a full-time inhouse legal position. Their legal experts understood our data-driven business model immediately and proved critical with their know-how and fast response times in important contract negotiations."

Other clients include:

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We'll also accompany you with your financing round (from seed, small and mid-size rounds to larger subsequent rounds). We advise on strategy and deal structure, provide you with best-in-class documents tailored to your needs. In addition, our experts will also be there to negotiate with the investors. Choose from our transparent flat-fee packages.

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About us

We're a growing team of 10+ legal professionals - our fundraising experts include:

Clear roadmap and supporting material

Transparent and fair pricing

Long term relationship

Christian has advised tech-companies and regulated industries on all legal matters and has built a strong track record on helping startups to get off the ground and get funded.

Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Counsel

Michele Vitali, Head of startup Financing and Venture Capital

Michele is focused on corporate and commercial law and has a strong background in M&A transactions.

At LEXR he advises Swiss and international founders, start-ups and investors - from incorporation to the first investment rounds, risk financing, complex business transactions and exits.

Maximilian Krähenbühl, Legal Counsel

Max has advised many startups and gained substantial experience in the financial industry. With his business-minded approach to financial markets, corporate and AML laws, Max is an ideal partner for your fiat and crypto-related startup endeavour.

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