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Our data protection assessment will help you understand how data protection applies to your business, identify compliance gaps and get a clear picture on what steps to take to mitigate compliance risks.

Get started with a data protection assessment

Challenges we solve

Dissolve uncertainty and get a clear picture

We help you understand data protection principles, how GDPR applies to your specific company and what it means for your day-to-day business.

Get specific answers to specific questions

Our legal counsels have seen a lot of different challenges that businesses have faced in their GDPR implementation. They will find tailored and hands-on solutions for yours.

Have experts accompany you personally

A personally dedicated expert will identify your risk areas and ensure that your compliance program is tailored to your needs.

Know where to start and what exact steps to take

Concrete and manageable steps for your business will help you gradually achieve your compliance goals and avoid diversion and delays.

Why conduct a data protection assessment

Overview of why and where data protection legislation applies for your business

Solid understanding of GDPR and its underlying principles and governing laws

By now every business has heard of the latest General Data Protection regulations and its potential consequences including fines for non-compliance. While there is a lot of information available, it’s often difficult to apply general principles and interpretations from different industry professionals to your specific business.

In the assessment, our experienced and hands-on data protection experts focus on your business specifically.

With you, we determine which areas are affected and what concrete steps you need to follow to comply.

Roadmap with clearly defined steps you can take with confidence to achieve compliance for each of your business areas

Specific answers to your specific questions by our GDPR legal counsels

What you get out of it


From startups with a simple product to the global company with dozens of legacy systems, we have seen it all. Contact us now to get a transparent and non-binding flat fee quote tailored to your business needs.

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Data protection assessment process

First call and information exchange

In a first call (phone or video) we get to know your company and business model. We will briefly outline the areas potentially affected by the GDPR and identify the necessary information and material to prepare the assessment workshop.

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Joint assessment workshop

In a joint workshop we:

Detailed company report

We process the data mapping results and workshop contents and establish a detailed company report. This report shows you how GDPR applies to your specific business, which of your business areas are affected and what their current compliance status is.

We use our extensive know-how and practical GDPR implementation experience to craft a detailed roadmap for your business. This roadmap includes concrete steps to mitigate risks and achieve compliance for your affected business areas.

(1) Give you an in-depth overview of the GDPR, its principles and how it affects your business, (2) Map your data flows to get a concrete picture of affected areas, (3) Answer your specific questions with our data protection experts.

Clear action roadmap

Success stories

"With LEXR we found an ideal partner to deal with the complex legal framework our company is operating in. LEXR provides fast, flexible and price transparent services for a wide spectrum of cases. A great opportunity, especially for FinTech Start-ups!"

"LEXR provided fast and professional support to set up the data protection guidelines for both, the website of our association & our event page. We greatly appreciate LEXR's combination of expertise and hands-on approach. They are lawyers with a clearly entrepreneurial spirit."

Other clients include:

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