Data Protection Officer Services

Your company's DPO tasks and responsibilities covered in a monthly


Ensure ongoing compliance

Data Protection
Officer Services

Your company's DPO tasks and responsibilities covered in a monthlyflat-fee.

Ensure ongoing compliance

Having a privacy expert at your fingertips may not only be a legal requirement, it's also good for your business. The GDPR allows you to fill the role of a DPO using an external expert, and having a specialist on your side builds trust with customers, business partners and regulators.

With the LEXR DPO service, you save yourself the expenses of recruiting a qualified employee and you have an entire team of experts at your disposal.

Continuous data protection expertise to ensure compliance

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Benefits when delegating your DPO duties


Safeguarding personal data is not only a legal requirement, it is a sales argument for your customers that entrust you with their personal data.

Hiring inhouse can get expensive. Avoid difficulties and costs of recruiting, training retaining and save costs for workplace and social benefits.

Lower costs

External specialists have a strong data protection background and experience in handling subject requests, breaches and other impact events.


Our data protection experts know how to find the right balance between business interests and risk mitigation to fit your business needs.


Your external DPO will assess your business model and monitor your data protection risk exposure on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance.


Unlike an internal employee of your company, an external DPO is free from possible conflict of interest and remains objective at all times.

No conflict of interest

We will communicate and negotiate with data subjects, business partners, and authorities, and provide all needed case documents.


Based on our experiences and expert knowledge, a specialized DPO will handle urgent data protection incidents in a timely manner.

Time savings

We will provide your management with frequent updates on your company's data protection progress in form of a detailed status report.


24/7 availability

We are available 24/7 meaning that data breaches, supervisory authority investigations or other privacy impact events will always be managed without delay.

Coverage Options

Remote DPO

On-site DPO

Hybrid DPO

We can provide you with an experienced DPO on a flexible and cost-effective basis.

For remote services, your designated DPO can be available remotely via telephone, email or other preferred virtual communication methods.

We can provide you with an experienced DPO who is available on a flexible and cost-effective basis on-site.

Since organisations typically require greater resources in the early stages of a compliance project, a flexible approach can be adopted, combining initial on-site service with remote support thereafter.

Core DPO tasks and responsibilities

Data protection requirements

Support with identifying and reviewing data flows, proposed business changes or projects, screening of proposed projects or processing activities, gaps in data protection obligations, and monitoring of ongoing DPIAs.

Advising on data protection strategies for marketing activities and data asset usage.


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Liaising with internal business, technical and legal stakeholders.

Program implementation

Setting up robust multi-jurisdictional compliance programs.


Supporting your organization to plan, design and implement effective procedures and processes to respond to data subject requests including to address the right of access, right to be forgotten, right to portability and right to objection/restriction. Our experts can also provide real-time support during a request and oversee the response process.

Day-to-day data subject requests

Personal data breach support

When implementing a personal data breach response plan in an organization, our tailored approach ensures that:

Response planning

  • Roles and responsibilities are defined and allocated;
  • Staff are trained on how to respond to a security incident in a methodical manner;
  • Incident scenarios are drilled to ensure effective organization response;
  • Legal, regulatory and contractual obligations are defined and documented;
  • Regulatory and data subject notification protocols and processes are documented and effective

Real time support

In addition to assisting your organization to develop data breach response capabilities, we also provide real-time first responder services to provide immediate support to organizations when a personal data breach is identified.

Data protection awareness training

We provide a number of training options that help your management and staff understand their obligations in relation to data protection and security, avoid, contain and handle data breaches, and build a culture of compliance and confidentiality.

Meet our experts

Anna Maria Tonikidou

Legal Counsel and Head of Data Privacy

Anna Maria has worked on various data privacy projects for Swiss and European companies of all sizes and across numerous industries. She has helped her clients develop and constantly improve solutions to manage some of the complex regulatory obligations they grapple with.

Christian Meisser

CEO and Data Protection Expert

Christian has advised tech-companies and regulated industries on data privacy since 2013 and has built up a strong track-record on advising data driven businesses on how to use data as a business asset and building a compliant data privacy governance.

Other data protection services

We have all your data protection needs covered.

If you have different needs or specific requirements get in touch for a tailored quote.

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Our data protection experts provide you with the essentials for Data Protection and IT Security compliance and what it means for your business in a half-day or 2-day intensive workshop.

Assess Gaps:
Data Protection Assessment Workshops

We conduct a gap analysis, create a company specific implementation roadmaps and tailor all required legal documents to your companies needs.The package comes with an extra set of implementation support hours.

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