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Term sheets are more binding than most founders think.

Get a legal review before you sign. For free.

We have seen too many founders sign a 'non-binding' term sheet without legal review in the rush of getting that investor on board - only to find out later that some of the terms are in fact binding and even the non-binding terms are very hard to negotiate away in the subsequent negotiations. That's why we offer a free term sheet review by one of our funding experts for Seed and Series A financing rounds.

  • Overall assessment of your term sheet
  • Flagging of the most critical terms with comments and colour coding:
  • Black = Take note
  • Orange = Take care
  • Red = Take action

What you can expect

  • Simply send us an email to and attach your term sheet.
  • We will get back to you within 2 business days.

How to get your review

  • Benchmark your term sheet against market standard to ensure you get a fair deal

Why you need it

  • Avoid costly mistakes (e.g., double-dip liquidation preferences, personal liability, paying for the unlimited investor's legal fees)

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