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Why compliance matters

The GDPR and the upcoming revision of the FDPA have raised the stakes in the field of data protection.

What's in it for you?

A robust and well-rounded data protection framework fosters consumer trust, guarantees a solid reputation and protects your business from reputational and financial damages.

Our approach to data protection:

Deep expertise

Quick and efficient process

Tailored to your needs

Our multifaceted experience has allowed us to develop strong data protection safeguards and accountability frameworks.

Thanks to our digitalized processes, our services are fast and cost-efficient, allowing us to focus on what's important.

We will always ensure that the data privacy framework that we offer you is tailored to the needs of

your business.

Our data privacy offers

We have the right solution regardless of the size of your business

Your first step towards data privacy compliance

Cookie and Privacy Policy Review

Compliance questionnaire

Free 15-min consultation on data privacy

Readiness assessment


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Enterprise Solutions

Startup / SME Package

CHF 950

Build the compliance foundation for your business

Tailored website / app / platform privacy policy

Tailored cookie policy and pop-up recommendations

Website terms and conditions

Record of processing activities

Website imprint

Comprehensive data privacy FAQ

Tailored compliance program

In-depth data mapping and gap analysis

Data protection impact assessments

Implementation plan and execution

Employee training

Ongoing monitoring

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Why choose us?


International approach

Benefit from EU, Swiss, and US-qualified data protection experts

All-in-one solution

Be presented with a full-fledged data protection framework tailored to your company's needs

Work with data protection experts that have done it before


Price certainty

Profit from fast execution and close collaboration between tech and legal

Opt for a flat-fee solution with highly efficient digitalized legal processes

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