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Forget about frustrating do-it-yourself contract automation, missed contracts or added risk through contracts that have been adjusted without clarifying all legal details.

We do contract automation with and for you: From general set-up to specific tailoring and enterprise IT integration. The end result: A well-oiled contract engine that puts you back in control - customized perfectly to your needs, connected to your company systems, and easily scalable as needed.

Contract automation, taken care of end-to-end

Automate contract creation

We help you automate contract creation, digitize approval processes, integrate existing systems and have it all in one view.

Instead of adjusting existing word documents for the company's recurring types of contracts have easy-to-use questionnaires for you or the business departments to self-serve directly. Contract variables will adjust automatically. No more copy-paste errors. No more time wasted on repetitve contracts. Much more legal certainty.

More time for what matters: Get notified where you need to react or make an important legal or management decision. Otherwise you can rest assured, knowing legally certain contracts are created with the waterproof contract modules you've pre-defined.

Digitize approval processes

All contracts, one dashboard. Always see the current status of ongoing contracts and what the next step or required action is and never miss a contract again. Custom dashboards give you the in-depth overview you need. Download management summaries with one click.

Have it all, in one view

Nothing is more time consuming than switching between multiple apps and IT systems. We integrate contract automation into the systems you already use to make sure there is no time or data loss and you find everything in the systems you use everyday.

Integrate existing systems

Talk to us about contract automation in your company - non-binding and free:

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The end-to-end managed contract automation you won’t find anywhere else

Contract and process automation require more than tech support.

Our team combines tech know-how, legal expertise, architectural skills, process engineering and change managament. We don't just take care of individual aspects of contract automation, but implement the whole project with you.

Conventional software-as-a-service scales by standardizing, which reduces the ability to customize.

We know that legal processes are complex and often company-specific.

Thus, we do an analysis first and and then tailor the contract automation to your exact needs.

Loss of know-how due to improper documentation or leaving employees is one of the top reasons automation projects get abandoned.

We ensure transparent, full documentation that grows with your business and got you covered with technical and legal maintenance.

LEXR Bridge is not just software – it's a unique end-to-end implementation service.

Scalable by




Tech and legal maintenance included

LEXR Bridge combines powerful contract automation software with legal expert know-how and can be seamlessly integrated into existing enterprise infrastructure. Built on tested and reliable open-source software, LEXR Bridge adapts to the specific technological and operational needs of the individual business.

Offered as an end-to-end managed service, LEXR legal experts and process engineers handle the implementation of the software, accompany the roll-out to the respective business function, and ensure the maintenance from both the legal and the IT perspective.

What is it?


Who is it for?

From manual, redundant and slow contract processes to automated, insightful and fast digital contracting.

LEXR Bridge transforms the way general counsels and inhouse legal departments handle recurring contract types and legal documents and speeds up the contract closing for business departments such as sales, procurement or HR.

How does it scale?

Schedule a free discovery call and get a transparent upfront quote:

In addition to the standard building blocks we've developed, we tailor each project to the specific company requirements. This ensures seamless integrations into existing systems and processes and that our customers only pay for what they really need. Fee components are an initial set-up fee and a recurring fee per user.

LEXR Bridge comes with a set of popular integrations. Our team of legal and tech experts and the Open Source nature of the underlying software have an additional core benefit: There are no complexity and scalability limits. Additional features or custom software integrations of all kind can be added at any time.

How is your data protected?

We trust in high-reliability European Data Centres and integrate the access management of your enterprise, which ensures we 100% match the security standards of your company. If preferred, LEXR Bridge can also be deployed on your company-internal servers.

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Inhouse Counsels and CxO roles

Legal and Management can focus on the more complex and business critical matters by cutting drafting time for standard contracts by up to 70% or by enabling self-serving for business function with pre-defined clause blocks.

Business Departments: Sales, Procurement, HR

Business departments can close recurring types of contracts faster and more securely. Easy-to-use questionnaires and predefined contract clauses ensure conform contracts. Approval triggers involve legal or Management in critical decisions as needed.

About us

We're a growing team of 10+ legal professionals - our contract automation experts include:

With years of experience in driving the overdue change in the legal market, Christian has an in-depth understanding of the organizational challenges legal departments face and where technology and lean processes can actually make a difference.

Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Counsel

Michele Vitali, Head of Startup Financing and Venture Capital

Michele is not only a lawyer but also an economist with a flair for efficient and streamlined processes. With his entrepreneurial mindset, he focuses on pragmatic solutions that put the customer at the centre of every process.

Maximilian Krähenbühl, Legal Counsel

Max combines expertise in Swiss commercial law, a talent for simplifying complex issues and a profound interest in digital infrastructure. With his notable experience as inhouse counsel, Max is excellently suited for analyzing your processes and making LEXR Bridge work for you.

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