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Digitise your contract creation and approval process to streamline deal closures, gather invaluable insights, and mitigate risks and costs. All while enjoying end-to-end coverage from the legal & tech experts.

Meet the end-to-end contract automation solution:

How LEXR Bridge will change the way your organisation handles contracts:

Free up your team to work on what matters

Bespoke, lean questionnaires allow your sales, procurement or HR people to spend less time manipulating contract templates and more time doing what they do best. All while the back-office rests easy knowing that results are fed into the appropriate, up-to-date template

We will set-up LEXR Bridge with individualized approval workflows for your business. This ensures that your process is smart enough to identify the right time to get a deal approved by the right people, making sure no one is left out and putting an end to clunky approval processes.

Obtain approvals automatically

Your operations staff, inhouse lawyers, and finance department have enough on their plate without having to deal with redundancies and manual reviews. Input validation and pre-defined triggers allow your Legal and Finance team to redirect their skills to where they’re needed by ensuring that they only review the essential clauses.

Prioritise the most important business obstacles

Your operations staff, inhouse lawyers, and finance department have enough on their plate without having to deal with redundancies and manual reviews. Input validation and pre-defined triggers allow your Legal and Finance team to redirect their skills to where they’re needed by ensuring that they only review the essential clauses.

Benefit from the astounding flexibility LEXR Bridge has to offer. Identify the data relevant to you and work with us to connect LEXR Bridge to the proprietary or third-party software your enterprise already uses.

Connect to applications your enterprise already use

Build a library of contract templates

Turn contracts into a valuable resource

Don’t let data go to waste – use the key parameters of your deals to gain important insights, allowing you to calibrate your undertaking from beginning to end.

LEXR Bridge combines a powerful contract automation tool with expert know-how to create a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your enterprise. Built on tested and reliable open-source software, LEXR Bridge adapts to the technological and operational needs of your businesses. LEXR handles the implementation of the software, accompanies the roll-out to the respective business function, and ensures the maintenance from both the legal and the IT perspective, meaning your teams only have to deal with the functions they need.

What is it?


Who is it for?

From manual, redundant and chaotic contract processes to automated, insightful and hassle-free digital contracting.

LEXR Bridge transforms the way medium to large enterprises handle their standardized contracts or other documents. We’ve seen how it benefits departments across organisations, including sales, procurement, and HR. But you know your business best, and we’re sure that you could think of plenty more use cases for digital contracting.

How does it scale?

  1. Schedule a free call to explore your needs and how LEXR Bridge can help.
  2. Maximize your value by letting us learn about your infrastructure and processes in an exploration workshop, where your key personnel are also trained in how to get the most out of LEXR Bridge.
  3. Implementation project & ongoing support: Depending on your specific needs, we will agree on a one-off implementation fee, and/or a user-based fee model.

The typical LEXR Bridge implementation project comes is shipped with a set of useful integrations, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s almost unlimited potential to tailor the solution to your needs with add-on features and integrations into proprietary or third-party software. With the flexibility of LEXR Bridge and our dedicated team of developers and legal architects, we can create a fully digitised deal flow, regardless of the size of your business.

How is your data protected?

We trust in high-reliability European Data Centres and integrate the access management of your enterprise, which allows us to adapt to your high security standards. Alternatively, LEXR Bridge may run on company-internal servers, where you retain maximum control over access and data.

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The end-to-end contract automation you won’t find anywhere else

We don’t just sell software: we ensure that LEXR Bridge becomes an integrated part of your business. From initial implementation to continual maintenance, we offer a hands-on service so that you can enjoy a completely hands-off experience.

Our legal experts not only know how to read your contracts and understand how they are embedded in your corporate structure, they’re also able to translate them into code themselves, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

Whether you start small or think big, LEXR Bridge easily adapts to your scaling needs, across business units and group entities with no complexity limits.

LEXR Bridge is not just software – it includes LEXR!

Sales & Business Development

Fill out a mock-up questionnaire to discover the difference between a LEXR Bridge form and complicated contract templates.

Say goodbye to incomplete requests and see how pre-defined triggers and checks can help you avoid spending valuable time on chasing data and approvals.


Staff joining and leaving your business creates a lot of paperwork. Get ready to turn hiring and farewells into a one-click experience.


Discover how LEXR Bridge can benefit your job role

See how LEXR Bridge will transform the way you do your job, streamlining your workflow and giving you the time to focus on what really matters.

In-house Legal Counsel

Discover how identifying the right triggers in your contract framework lets you focus on the crucial clauses only, freeing up resources.

Learn about the ways LEXR Bridge can be integrated securely and smoothly.

Information Technology

Find out how LEXR Bridge accelerates the sales cycle and reduces the costs generated by internal reviews and approvals of every new deal.


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About us

We're a growing team of 10+ legal professionals - our contract automation experts include:

With years of experience in driving the overdue change in the legal market, Christian has an in-depth understanding of the organizational challenges legal departments face and where technology and lean processes can actually make a difference.

Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Counsel

Michele Vitali, Head of Startup Financing and Venture Capital

Michele is not only a lawyer but also an economist with a flair for efficient and streamlined processes. With his entrepreneurial mindset, he focuses on pragmatic solutions that put the customer at the centre of every process.

Maximilian Krähenbühl, Legal Counsel

Max combines expertise in Swiss commercial law, a talent for simplifying complex issues and a profound interest in digital infrastructure. With his notable experience as inhouse counsel, Max is excellently suited for analyzing your processes and making LEXR Bridge work for you.

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