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Get legal right, from the start

An entrepreneur's journey starts before the incorporation:

The initial idea is formed. Potential co-founders decide to work together. The first product or service version is tested. Legal isn’t a major concern yet, but there are some very essential questions and entrepreneurs face at this stage.

Fail fast, fail often rarely applies for legal:

Taking the wrong fundamental decisions at the start almost always leads to more legal challenges and significantly higher legal fees.

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What happens with the IP that is generated before incorporation?

Are there any regulatory / legal obstacles to execute the idea?

What is the cost of compliance for my business plan?

How do I protect my business idea?

Can I already sign contracts for the startup before incorporation?

What happens to those contracts after the incorporation?


Intellectual property


Can I hire people abroad?

Do we need a co-founder's agreement?

How do I get funding for my startup?

Is there a minimum salary I have to pay?

What is the ideal tax setup for me as a founder?

What is the best legal form for the venture?

At what stage should I incorporate a business?

Where should I incorporate (country / canton)?

How will the co-founders get paid?

Can I start working on my venture while working for another company?



Pre-incorporation package

With our pre-incorporation package we help founders to solve the essential questions with our proven CRICH Model in the five major legal areas (Corporate, Regulatory, Intellectual Property, Contracts and HR) and make the right decisions moving forward:

Who is liable before and after the incorporation?

One hour consultation with one of our legal experts.

Legal expert consultation

CHF 650 Flat Fee (excl. VAT)


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What we deliver

Founders package

Ensure you and your co-founders are aligned and any intellectual property created belongs to the future company.

Founder agreement

Which legal form is the right one for your startup? AG vs. GmbH vs. sole proprietorship.

Company guide

If you are still in an employment relationship, we check the agreement for you to ensure you are allowed to work on your startup.

Employment check

We review your business model and point out potential regulatory restrictions and licensing requirements.

Regulatory sanity check

We provide you with and guide you through our IP strategy canvas that helps you protect your IP for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Intellectual property strategy

With our standard NDAs, you can restrict potential partners from using your business idea

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Success stories

"We greatly appreciate LEXR's combination of expertise and hands-on approach. They are lawyers with a clearly entrepreneurial spirit."

"Wow, I'm impressed. Very competent and innovative team. And especially for start-ups they have very fair and affordable offers."

"The team is fast, reliable, and flexible and offers highly professional services for affordable prices. We’re looking forward to further work with LEXR in the future!"

"The team was extremely responsive and flexible during our entire collaboration. Working with LEXR was a lot more than just working with a legal advisor but felt like working with a partner."

Experienced legal counsels

Pragmatic and responsive

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About us

We're a growing team of 10+ legal professionals - our fundraising experts include:

Clear roadmap and supporting material

Transparent and fair pricing

Long term relationship

Christian has advised tech-companies and regulated industries on all legal matters and has built a strong track record on helping startups to get off the ground and get funded.

Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Counsel

Michele Vitali, Head of startup Financing and Venture Capital

Michele is focused on corporate and commercial law and has a strong background in M&A transactions.

At LEXR he advises Swiss and international founders, start-ups and investors - from incorporation to the first investment rounds, risk financing, complex business transactions and exits.

Maximilian Krähenbühl, Legal Counsel

Max has advised many startups and gained substantial experience in the financial industry. With his business-minded approach to financial markets, corporate and AML laws, Max is an ideal partner for your fiat and crypto-related startup endeavour.

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