SRO Membership for Financial Intermediaries

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SRO Membership for Financial Intermediaries

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We help you with understanding regulatory requirements, setting up and complying with anti-money laundering KYC processes & take care of your SRO (Swiss Self-Regulatory) application process.

We handle your SRO & KYC


All businesses that fall within the scope of the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML) are required to implement know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. Additionally – if they are not already supervised by FINMA – they need to become a member of a Swiss Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO).

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What we provide you with

Business Model Evaluation

SRO Membership

First, you need to know whether your business is subject to the AML or not. In order to answer that question, we will provide you with a legal evaluation of your business model and the activities you conduct.

Some background information: The regulation generally applies if your activities somehow include assisting in transferring assets for, or holding assets of, clients or third parties. Especially FinTech and Blockchain business models with connections to e.g. payment instruments, payment systems, lending activities or individual portfolio management are typically subject to the AML.

Once we've confirmed your regulatory status, you'll need to obtain an SRO membership before you're allowed to start engaging in your business activities.

We will take care of the entire application process for you (see the section below for more details). We have streamlined the process and maintain excellent relationships with the SROs. Thus, you can expect to obtain membership in around 6-8 weeks.

CHF 2'500 Flat Fee (excl. VAT)

CHF 5'500 Flat Fee (excl. VAT, excl. SRO application fees)

Our package covers the entire process from the initial kick-off call up until the final obtainment of your membership.

SRO membership package process



In a first call we'll jointly discuss your individual case and get to know your business. After that, we will already have a rough understanding of what regulatory requirements will or will not apply.

Based on the inputs of our kick-off call, we'll evaluate your business model under Swiss financial market regulation, including the AML. You'll get an overview of the regulatory requirements for your business as well as a comprehensive list of next steps in writing, giving you security moving forward.

If based on our evaluation you require and wish to obtain an SRO-membership, we will take over the entire process of drafting your application, including:

Application Drafting

Once we have submitted your application, we will continue to represent you vis-à-vis the SRO. We'll also accompany you to any meetings with the SRO until you have obtained your SRO membership.


Once you have obtained your membership, we answer your remaining questions before closing the project. Furthermore, we're happy to continue helping you in the long run with the day-to-day execution of your Anti-Money Laundering duties as part of a new and ongoing project.


(1) Drawing up your internal Anti-Money Laundering regulations

(2) Preparing all necessary documents for your application

(3) Helping you with the outsourcing of relevant functions

We understand that you want to focus on the business side of things and not get lost in the regulatory jungle. We offer you a hassle-free, proven and flat fee-based way to achieve compliance.

How we work

Flat-fee solution with a focus on efficient and digitized processes.

Price transparency and predictability



You choose your communication channel and provide us with insight on your business – we take care of the rest.

Rely on our proven approach to ensure a fast evaluation and application process.

Additional support

Work with us even after obtaining your membership and profit from discounted rates for a long-term relationship.


Work with professionals that not only understand the legal requirements but also maintain good relationships with the SROs.

Experienced legal counsels

Pragmatic and responsive

Choose your communication channel

About us

We're a growing team of 10+ legal professionals - our regulatory experts include:

Clear roadmap and supporting material

Transparent and fair pricing

Long term relationship

Christian has advised tech-companies and regulated industries on all legal matters. Through his inhouse and tech company experience he has built a strong track record of helping businesses to achieve compliance with financial market regulation.

Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Counsel

Maximilian Krähenbühl, Legal Counsel

Max has substantial experience in the financial industry. With his business-minded approach to financial markets and AML laws, Max is your ideal partner to tackle all regulatory challenges.

Florian Prantl, Legal Counsel

Florian regularly advises tech and FinTech startups on all regulatory matters. He is familiar with AML laws and has acted as advisor in several SRO applications before.

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