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Startup Financing Rounds

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Raise money. Fast, secure and for a flat-fee.

Startup Financing Rounds

Are you looking to raise money from Venture Capital firms (VCs), angels or other investors for your Swiss startup? The LEXR team of Swiss legal experts can guide you through the investment process and ensure that you close your financing round fast and secure.

We work with transparent flat fees that cover everything you need for your financing round:

  • Advice and best practice insights: Our experts at LEXR guide you through the process step-by-step and offer their experience on how to structure and negotiate your financing round.
  • Due diligence preparation: We can help you to get your house in order to ensure best terms when investors take a closer look at your business.
  • Full set of legal documents: No need to re-invent the wheel. We tailor all the required legal documents to your specific needs, based on time-tested templates for best-in-class speed and quality. This includes the shareholders' agreement, investment agreement, and all corporate actions.
  • Negotiation with investors: When investors have special requests, our experts have your back to negotiate a fair deal.


Convertible Loan:

Pre-Seed or Seed

First Financing Round:

Seed, Small to mid-size

First Financing Round:

Series A, Large

In your first equity round, your company formally issues new shares, and sells these to external investors.

You will need to agree on a valuation for the shares and negotiate the rights and obligations of the existing shareholders as providers of labor and the investors as providers of money.

Moreover, you might already have existing investors whose convertible debt converts into equity in the course of this financing round.

With a convertible loan, an investor lends a certain amount of money to your startup with the right to convert into shares for a discount at the next financing round.

Convertible loans are now widely used internationally and allow for a 'continuous fundraising' model. It’s a great way to raise money quickly without having to line up all investors at once and without having to negotiate all terms.

What it is

Small to mid-sized first round (up to CHF 250'000):

You raise a small equity from family, friends, angel investors or early stage VCs. There will be no extensive legal due diligence and hardly any negotiations on the terms of your round.

The investors invest in you and your team and trust you to provide fair terms.

Large first round (more than CHF 250'000):

You are raising funds from professional VCs or strategic investors that will take an in-depth look at your business and substantially negotiate all terms of the investment.

LEXR provides you with advice on how to structure the convertible loan, answers all your legal questions on the topic and provides you with a time-tested best practice convertible loan agreement tailored to your company.

What you will get

A first financing round is ideal for startups with high-growth potential, capital needs that cannot be covered with revenue or other sources of cash, and a functioning first product or at least a clear vision on what to build.

The further along you are with your product or service, the higher the valuation will be, so the right timing for your financing round is critical: If you raise money too early, you may give away too much equity – if you raise money too late, you may go bankrupt.

The main reasons to opt for a convertible loan are:

1) You want to postpone the valuation discussion as you believe you can get a much better valuation later.

2) Your startup does not have the time to find investors and negotiate a full financing round.

3) You only wish to raise a small amount right now.

Who it is for

CHF 9'000 (excl. VAT, incl. 15 hours of negotiations & markup)

CHF 6'500 (excl. VAT, incl. 5 hours of negotiations & markup)

CHF 1'500 (excl. VAT)


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What it is

What you will get

Who it is for


What it is

What you will get

Who it is for


Choose your fundraising package

Startups at different growth stages have different funding needs. We have reflected them in our three packages: Comprehensive, transparent and with clear pricing, so you can decide what’s right for your needs.

For financing rounds, LEXR advises on how to structure the deal, answers all legal questions on the topic, and provides you with time-tested best practice term sheet, shareholders' agreement, investment agreement, and all corporate actions tailored to your company. In addition, our experts will also be there to negotiate with the investors.

Subsequent Round:

Series B or later

The life cycle of a successful startup rarely ends with its first equity financing. Additional financing rounds are required to fuel further growth.

At this stage, your startup already has a set of investors, potentially a stock option plan and a subsequent round involves more stakeholders.

Since this round may involve higher financing volumes, larger private equity funds are usually considered.

Existing investors might decide to participate in next rounds, or might prefer to keep their share count constant. Substantial negotiations and legal due diligence are required, and documents need more specific tailoring.

We are happy to make you a tailored offering since effort strongly varies. Needless to say: If you have done previous rounds with us, subsequent ones will be faster.


With the LEXR convertible loan, you can raise money within a few days.

A first financing round typically takes several weeks to months from preparing the round to receiving cash on your bank account.

Timing will largely depend on complexities.

Series A, Large



Add-on services

Legal Due Diligence

We do a half or a full-day session with you and your team to identify any red flags before the investors do and tell you what is needed to close any gaps.


CHF 900 half day / CHF 1'700 full day

Get a legal expert to review your term sheet and give you a report on risks and optimization potential to get the best deal for your startup.


Upfront quote and hourly packages

Term Sheet Review

  • GmbH to AG conversion
  • Assessment of the withholding tax liability


Upfront quote and hourly packages

Ad-hoc support in VC driven round

Investor and Venture Capital Services

Contracts are key for investments. We help angels, seed investors and venture capital firms to assess the many legal aspects (e.g. corporate, contracts, IP, HR and regulatory) that often determine the differences between a successful and an unsuccessful deal.

LEXR has you covered – from simple NDAs to complex stock warrants.

Our range of services for investors includes:

  • Convertible Notes & Note Purchase Agreements
  • Stock Options & Warrants
  • Stock and Founder Agreements
  • Seed Investment
  • Series A & B
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Meet the team

Nikolaus Paumgartner

Legal Counsel Venture Capital & VC Financing

Nikolaus specializes in corporate and commercial law and advises founders, startups and investors on a broad range of matters over all stages of a company, including formations, venture financings, complex business transactions and exits.

Christian Meisser

CEO and Legal Counsel

Christian has built up a strong track-record advising tech and digital companies with a focus on Corporate, IT and Data Privacy law. With his business-driven approach he accompanies entrepreneurs and decision makers in start, growth and exit stages.

Thomas Romelli

Legal Analyst

Thomas supports LEXR in Corporate, Tax and Data Protection legal topics. His main project focus is on Startup Financing and Employee Stock Option Plans / Phantom Stock Option Plans.

Got additional legal topics? We don’t only cover fundraising, but the full legal life cycle of Swiss companies with a focus on tech, fintech and digital.

For you to be able to plan ahead and avoid legal surprise bills, we offer transparent upfront pricing and flat fee packages. Always.

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