Our startup legal packages are the most effective way for startups to get a solid legal foundation for unhindered growth.

We combine market best practices and efficient processes with personal advice to make legal a worry of the past for new founders.

Entrepreneurs usually have a business plan and a budget. All our packages come with a transparent flat-fee pricing so you can plan ahead.

Get your legal essentials in place and grow your startup with confidence

Best-in-class standard, efficient processes, personal support

How we work

We've created a high quality standard for legal templates to ensure best-in-class outputs for our customers. Combined with tailored personal support by our experts, we deliver legal services that make a difference.

- Christian Meisser

CEO & Legal Counsel at LEXR

Best-in-class standard

For our best-in-class standard templates, we take existing documents from at least 5 different sources and create a derived version with modular options.

The draft standard is then reviewed by 5+ legal professionals and first tested with beta clients.

After launch, the standard is continuously improved and adjusted to changes in law.

Efficient processes

Personal, tailored support

To help you solve legal challenges fast, we leverage technology and optimise processes. In addition, we create supporting material in form of guides and FAQs for you to have all information you need easily accessible.

While we believe in the power of technology and high quality document standards, dedicated personal contact and tailoring to your specific needs is equally important for all our projects.

Peace of mind

Tackling all legal essentials from the start means you don’t have to worry about important issues being overlooked and can focus on growing your business

Great impression

Well-drafted contracts, clean corporate housekeeping and control over legal risks demonstrate operational excellence, be it to your prospective investors, business partners or employees


We have built all documents and guides with growth in mind - instead of expensive clean up actions, you can easily build on top of a solid foundation as you grow your business

Benefits of setting up a comprehensive solid legal structure from the start

The five legal areas every company has to master and why they're important for startups

Legal challenges we solve



Ensure you and your co-founders have the proper setup to avoid conflicts.

Protect the interests of your business with solid terms and conditions.

Protect the intellectual property, trade secrets and data of your business.

Intellectual Property

Know what regulations apply and how to comply with them.


Place the relationship with your people on solid ground to avoid unnecessary costs & problems later.


Packages and pricing

Get Started Package

The most efficient package for Swiss Startups that want to establish a solid legal foundation in one go.

CHF 2'500 (excl. VAT, notary and registry fees)

Flat fee package contents:

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Scale-up Package

Your startup is up and running but you need support in various areas? Let's talk and we configure a transparent flat fee scale-up package that meets your needs.

One-off requests

Whether you're new to the startup world and don't know where to start, or whether you have a small legal issue to resolve: Talk to us in a free and non-binding call and we'll provide you a transparent upfront flat fee.

Request your transparent flat-fee quote

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  • Trademark registration in CH
  • IP strategy guide
  • Non-disclosure agreements


  • HR legal guide
  • Employment agreement
  • Freelancer agreement
  • Data protection basics (privacy policy, templates for key documents and advice)
  • Overview of applicable regulations for your startup

Intellectual Property

  • Terms and conditions for CH
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Document management guide



  • Incorporation (AG / GmbH)
  • Tailored shareholders' agreement
  • Directorship agreement
  • Corporate housekeeping guide



  • Employee Stock Options or Phantom Stock Options (ESOP/ PSOP)
  • Convertible loans and financing rounds
  • Corporate housekeeping


  • Complex contract drafting, revision and negotiation
  • Advisory on contract disputes


  • Advanced data protection legal support from strategic decisions to full execution and trainings
  • Strategic regulatory advice incl. communication with regulators

Intellectual Property

  • License agreement negotiations
  • Worldwide trademark registrations


  • Incorporation (AG / GmbH)

Incorporation only: CHF 500

  • Terms and conditions for CH
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Document management guide

Contracts: CHF 800

Regulatory: CHF 1'200

  • Data protection basics (privacy policy, templates for key documents and advice)
  • Overview of applicable regulations for your startup

Intellectual Property: CHF 500

  • Trademark registration in CH
  • IP strategy guide
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • HR legal guide
  • Employment agreement
  • Freelancer agreement

HR: CHF 500

  • Tailored shareholders' agreement
  • Directorship agreement
  • Corporate housekeeping guide

Corporate: CHF 700

Startup package timeline

Get it all done in two weeks


In a first call, we'll discuss your startup's needs and preferences and outline the road map for all necessary steps of the "get started" package.

Data Collection

Based on our questionnaires and with our guidance, we quickly collect all needed data points. If there are any questions we're just a phone call away.


After you've sent us your information, we start drafting all key legal documents and needed submissions for the documents in your package.

We complete any open items, send the required documents to the authorities and answer your remaining questions before project closure.


In a joint 2-3 hour session (on-site or video, depending on your preference) we go through all remaining open documents & questions








Still not sure which legal solution is best for you?

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What's included?

Selection criteria for legal services

Selection checklist with tips on how to evaluate your potential legal service provider

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What startups say about LEXR

"Wow, I'm impressed. Very competent and innovative team. And especially for start-ups they have very fair and affordable offers."

@Sophie Hundertmark - Paixon

"We greatly appreciate LEXR's combination of expertise and hands-on approach. They are lawyers with a clearly entrepreneurial spirit."

@Swiss Finance Startups

@Jo Wind - Creative Space

"The communication is friendly and uncomplicated and questions get replied quickly. Everybody that I met in the team so far is easily approachable and knows their business."

@Andrea Drietomska - Marketing Waters

"The people at LEXR provided me with what I was looking for: straight-forward legal advice delivered fast and on a clear budget."

Our clients include:

Experienced legal counsels

Pragmatic and responsive

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About us

We're a growing team of 10+ legal professionals - our fundraising experts include:

Clear roadmap and supporting material

Transparent and fair pricing

Long term relationship

Christian has advised tech-companies and regulated industries on all legal matters and has built a strong track record on helping startups to get off the ground and get funded.

Christian Meisser, CEO & Legal Counsel

Max Krähenbühl, Legal Counsel

Max has advised many startups and gained substantial experience in the financial industry. With his business-minded approach to financial markets, corporate and AML laws, Max is an ideal partner for your fiat and crypto-related startup endeavour.

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