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We get it. Great options for startup legal services are currently scarce:

  • Established law firms typically work with high hourly fees which impose heavy financial burdens on new businesses.
  • In-house lawyers cover general corporate issues but startups face additional costs for specialists.
  • Document platforms alone are no substitute for a lawyer & using the wrong template can lead to disastrous results.

New legal services for

new companies

We have made it our mission to bridge the gap by tailoring legal services to what startups need in 2019: Fast, efficient and price predictable legal services.

To begin with: Which legal areas are important for startups?

It's often hard for startups to know where the law intersects with their business. We use this simple framework with five core areas:

What are the legal needs for your business?

  • Data Protection
  • Competition Law
  • Sector specific regulations


  • Contract management
  • Standard agreements
  • Negotiations with customers & suppliers


  • Power structures
  • Financing rounds
  • Corporate housekeeping


  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Data
  • Know-how


  • Employee stocks
  • Labor law compliance
  • Immigration


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Your legal needs depend on various factors such as your company's segment, business model, customers, supplier relationships and more.

You want to find out what areas are important for your startups and why?

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How do these areas affect your business?

LEXR startup services

Straightforward options that can be changed and adapted at any time.

Project flat fee

Hourly rates

Monthly flat fee

You want to set-up your business, revise your existing contract framework or start your financing round?

Ask us for project flat fees for your legal needs, e.g.:

Startup Kick-off pack

(incl. incorporation + all essential legal documents)

CHF 2'500

You want to hire us on an hourly basis for complex expert matters? We work with competitive hourly rates for expert services that won't drain your budget.

Legal Assistant - CHF 75 / h

Junior Legal Counsel - CHF 175 / h

Senior Legal Counsel - CHF 275 / h

Legal Partner - CHF 375 / h

You don't want to add an in-house counsel to your startup team, but have monthly recurring legal needs that cost you too much time or too much money?

Hire us on a monthly basis. Quotes vary depending on size and complexity. We'll assess your legal needs together and tailor a monthly flat fee that fits your startup.

No commitment: You can upgrade, downgrade or get out of your monthly subscription at any time.

What's in it for you?

Say goodbye to shockingly high legal bills, doubts as to whether your legal issues will be resolved in a timely manner, and questions about whether you've hired the right person for the job.

Legal advisors that streamline and use technology for an increasing number of processes, enabling us to work and respond as fast as your needs require.

Predictable and transparent upfront flat-fee pricing that won’t drain your budget. You're always in control of your legal expenses.

Leverage the experience of a whole team of lawyers and rest well knowing we have you covered on all general and specific aspects of your business’s legal needs.




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