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New legal services for

new companies

We get it. Great options for the legal side of startups are scarce. Established law firms typically work with high hourly fees which impose heavy financial burdens on new businesses. In-house lawyers cover general corporate issues but startups face additional costs for specialists. Legal document platforms alone are no substitute for a lawyer since using the wrong template can lead to disastrous results—and even higher legal fees to correct serious mistakes.

We have made it our mission to bridge the gap by tailoring legal services to what startups need in 2019. Get in touch with us today and let us help you design and implement a plan for your startup!

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What are the legal needs for your business?

It's often hard for startups to know where the law intersects with their business.
Here are some of the legal areas that every entrepreneur should know about.


Contract management

Negotiation with key customers & suppliers


Setup of power structure between stakeholders

Financing rounds

Corporate housekeeping


Data protection

Compliance with financial market regulation

Sector-specific assistance

Competition law






Customer databases


Employee stock plans

Protection of your company's interests

Compliance with labor laws

Immigration services

Standard Agreements

What are the legal needs for your business?

Legal Complexity Assessment

Protect your important business relationships and ensure your business strategy is legally sound.

Legal Complexity Assessment

As a first step, you can take our free test to see which areas of your business require the most care.

What's in it for you?

Say goodbye to shockingly high legal bills, doubts as to whether your legal issues will be resolved in a timely manner, and questions about whether you've hired the right person for the job.

Legal advisors that streamline and use technology for an increasing number of processes, enabling us to work and respond as fast as your needs require.

Predictable and transparent flat-fee pricing that won’t drain your budget and always puts you you in control of legal expenses.

Leverage the experience of a whole team of lawyers and rest well knowing we have you covered on all general and specific aspects of your business’s legal needs.




Startup legal subscription packages

For ongoing legal needs. Designed for new companies who need to build their legal structure from the ground up, or those companies who have been around for a while and know they need ongoing monthly legal support.

Minimum duration: 12 months

Included consultation time: 30 mins

Product & advice discounts: 10%

Standard document access: ✔️


CHF 99 / month

CHF 1'500 / month



CHF 500 / month

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Minimum duration: 6 months

Included consultation time: 2 hours

Product & advice discounts: 20%

Standard document access: ✔️

Legal seminar sessions: 1 / quarter

Minimum duration: 3 months

Included consultation time: 6 hours

Product & advice discounts: 25%

Standard document access: ✔️

Legal seminar sessions: 3 / quarter

Individual projects

For one-off legal needs. Those complex legal cases that you need resolved within a given timeframe or even smaller cases such as a new contract or review of an existing contract.

We’ll meet with you to assess your legal needs and work out a set-up and pricing plan that works best for you!

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Why tackle your legal challenges with LEXR?

A whole team, not just one person.

Defined service levels.

Fast turnaround, on a schedule that meets your needs. Customized and pre-defined service levels, a highly standardized approach to legal, leveraging technology to maximize output.

Flat fee pricing.

Transparent and straightforward pricing. Our monthly flat fee allows you to predict your legal spending. Similar to a monthly salary expense but with much more value.

One dedicated experienced counsel, plus an entire team of lawyers. The combined expertise of our lawyers ensures exceptionally broad coverage of legal topics.

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